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DIY Thanksgiving Wreath on a Budget

If you’re looking for a simple and inexpensive craft to make with your kids for Thanksgiving, this wreath we made last year could be just what you need.  We bought all of the supplies at the dollar store!  My girls had a fun time making several of these.

DIY Thanksgiving Wreath on a Budget @destinyblogger @Embracing Destiny

My daughters and I love decorating for fall and Thanksgiving, but we discovered on a recent visit to Wal-Mart that store-bought wreaths are expensive!  We wanted something cheerful for our front door, but just couldn’t swing the store price in our budget.  So, we decided to make our own wreath from materials we purchased at the dollar store.  We were able to make our own wreath for just $4 as compared to the $20+ store version.  We were very pleased with the results — it’s a bright and welcoming splash of color for the gray November days leading up to Thanksgiving.

Materials Needed (all found at your local dollar store):

  • craft/floral foam ring
  • package of decorative leaves
  • 2 bunches of artificial flowers
  • ribbon (optional)

If you choose a bigger ring (ours is about 8 inches across), then you may need more leaves and/or more flowers.  You can use ribbon as a hanger or add a ribbon for a little extra flourish.

How to Assemble the Thanksgiving Wreath:

We put the leaves all along the outside of the wreath first.  The leaf stems easily poke into the foam ring and hold securely that way.  Then we filled in the inner part of the ring with the bunches of flowers.  I did need scissors to cut apart the flower bunches.  The flower stems were longer, so some of them came through the back of the wreath.  You can either trim them or bend them over to help secure the flowers.  You can see what that looks like in this picture:

back of the wreath

That’s really all there is to it!  I love simple and inexpensive, don’t you?

  Thanksgiving wreath 2

It looks so pretty next to our front door.  We discovered that it tended to fall off every time we opened and closed the front door so we moved it to a nail on the outside of the house instead.  It is under the front porch roof so it is still protected from the weather.  It would look just as nice hanging inside, too.  From a distance as we’re driving up to the house it looks like a big sunflower, which we thought was a pretty neat effect.

DIY Thanksgiving wreath on a budget

You can get as creative as you want with it by choosing different flower colors and types, too.  Another possibility is to use it as a centerpiece for your Thanksgiving table.  Simply set it flat in the center of the table and put a candle with a hurricane globe over it (also available at the dollar store) and you’ve got a bright and cheerful centerpiece.  Even the littlest kids can help with this project.

DIY Thanksgiving Wreath on a budget

 Have fun and have a happy Thanksgiving!


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